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Who We Are

A leading Company in Fiber Glass. Initially the Business started its productions in the year 2000 with medium size setup of an organization but within 16 years, it developed its capability as fully fledged organization and established as the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fiberglass products in Pakistan.

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Fiberglass Mold

Fiberglass molding is a process in which fiberglass reinforced resin plastics are formed into useful shapes. The process usually involves first making a mold and then using the mold to make the fiberglass component.

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Fiber Glass

Fiberglass is a type of fiber-reinforced plastic where the reinforcement fiber is specifically glass fiber. The glass fiber may be randomly arranged, flattened into a sheet (called a chopped strand mat), or woven into a fabric.

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Iron Structure work

We are also providing the services of iron structures.

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Al-Rehman fiberglass are popular in the entire industry for unique designer Skylight Roofs & Domes with the fiberglass skylight roof installation. Available with exceptional features all packed in incomparable designs, these roofs and domes offer complete skylight roofing solutions. fiberglass skylight roof in various shapes like hemispheres, pyramids, laminar polyhedron and customized shapes, these are the best solution for enhancing the aesthetics of any building.